Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zach's trip so far...

Wow, talk about crazyness, this trip has been nuts so far.  the flight was, well it was very long and the food was great (not!), well the flight was long but the food was not so nice.  Well the first not so great experience was that someone grabbed the wrong bag in switching trains and WALLAH!!! Zach had no suitcase.  Well I had my cameras and books and all the important stuff in my carry-on so it wasn't catastrophic but still annoying and a bad experience, however I went shopping and got some clothes to make it through, I hope anyway.  So leaving that experience behind me and not letting it ruin my trip, i have proceeded to enjoy my immersion in European history here in Normandy.  Friday we took it slow and just went to William the Conquerors castle, what am I saying took it slow, it was amazing!  I've read about castle's all my life and this was my first experience and it was overwhelming.  I walked around it for hours and took about  hundred pictures, it was massive and awesome and I had an amazing time, my nerd side was out in full force :-) Today we went to Pegasus Bridge, a beautiful church that was started in the 1100's, the Grande Bunker near the D-Day beaches which had tons of military weapons and munitions, another large church with a crypt underneath, and then arrived at the town we'll be staying at this week which is called Vimoutiers.  The place we're staying at is quiet, in the country, and looks like something out of  book.  Me and my buddy Doug are rooming together and we get along great, well I get along with everyone really I'm just having a blast.  I'll be back on here soon, peace out!


  1. Sorry about your luggage, Zack, but it doesn't seem to be slowing you down! Everybody is posting such great pictures. Back here we keep hearing about the volcano; doesn't seem to be too much of anything in the air there, at least from your pictures! Hope that continues.

  2. Looks like you are having a blast!! That stinks about your luggage! Reminds me of a funny story when someone was carrying another someone's camera and it got pick-pocketed on our D.C. trip. :) Hmmmm.....I wonder who that was? LOL! Well, keep having fun and your pictures are great!! I will be following while I'm on bedrest.