Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paris in the Rain???? .... NO COMPLAINTS!!!!!

Some of you may think that spending your first couple of days in Paris with rain might be a drag - NOT I (I state emphatically)!  What's the best way to spend a rainy day (even in the States)????  A museum, of course!  AND boy'o boy, PARIS has THE museum to give any rain cloud a silver lining!  I've had the fortunate pleasure of spending 2 days at THE LOUVRE and I'm here to tell you... even that is NOT nearly enough to take in all that the Louvre offers; but it definitely gives you just enough of a taste to make your head swirl. 

Let me PROVE the 'spectacularisms' I saw...

Seated Statue of Ramses II

Venus de Milo (along with the Bejing posse)

ummmm... don't remember the name of this one - but there was a really, REALLY long line to see her, so I assume she's someone important.

Just to document the fact that I WAS THERE!!!  :)

ouch!  Didn't know they expected blood to see the sights.

I must backtrack just a smidge - yesterday during a break in the clouds we were able to take in Sainte Chapelle and Notre Dame- words cannot describe the beauty!
Stain Glass... in France???  :) 

Notre Dame - looking in for Quasimodo

I'm so happy I'm here!



  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe the Mona Lisa room was completely empty! I went to France last summer, and that baby room was PACKED. It was crazy. :D

  2. I knew these were your pictures when I saw Ramses II. I have had a wonderful time viewing France from the eyes of you and your friends. I know that all are sad the trip is about over but we all miss you terribly. Have a fantastic last few days and a safe trip back. :) S