Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two really Amazing Days!!

May 17 was an emotional day on the trip but to me it was probably the best day yet!! We went to the American Cemetary today. I didn't realize how nervous I was about it until we pulled in the parking lot and felt my hands shaking and the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I carried the VFW flag in to have pictures made of it. It felt so peaceful there, its so hard to believe that 65 years ago there were soldiers storming the beaches and intense fighting to the death. I got so overwhelmed by emotion while we were putting the Tennessee flags on the graves, which by the way was a huge sucess!! While we were in the process of putting the flags up the national anthem began playing over the loud speaker.....ah i had tears and chills....the whole nine yards. It was very sombering. After we left the cemetary we went to Pointe Du Hoc. It was so neat to see all the holes created by the doing of Air Power! Afterwards we headed to Utah beach which was really neat to actually stand on the beach where the soldiers came in on D-Day to fight the war. St. Mere Eglise was the next stop which was a town where a paratrooper from the 101st airborne division dropped in and his parachute got hung on the church steeple and he was shot by German soldiers and killed. It was amazing looking at the place it happened and seeing a fake person up there hanging. It put it in perspective for you thats for sure. Overall an AMAZING day!!!! I love France!
May 18
It was a slow day today. We got a late start due to some errands in town we had to run. We ended up going for a relaxing day at a place called Honfleur which was a harbor with many shops and restraunts. It was very neat. A few of us had to leave to go back to Vimoutier early because one of the guys needed to go to the doctor for his poision ivy. Well that was a fun experience considering we ended up getting lost and drove in circles for a few hours. We eventually found a hospital and he got all taking care of!! Then we had a nice dinner and headed home for bed.
It was a great 2 days.We have had a lot of fun. I am having a blast...but I am also really missing my family and boyfriend. I love France though!! It is great!
Chelsea L. Smith

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