Wednesday, May 19, 2010

may 18th & 19th.

the past few days are all running together, but everything has been so awesome, it doesn't matter!

yesterday, we went to honfleur, and i've decided i want to move there:

honestly, it was lovely.
i am all about the ocean, and according to casey, it was my kind of town {which it was!}.
plus any town that has a carousel is a+ in my book :)

after we left honfleur, we went to √Čtretat, which was gorgeous.
the pebbled beach was awesome!

today we went to Rouen, where joan of arc was burned at the stake.
the church we went in was soooo pretty!

someone also happened to be playing the organ when we were there, which just made it even cooler.

we also went to claude monet's house, and his garden was the main attraction for me:

can someone get me this flower?
please & thank you!


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