Sunday, May 16, 2010

We began our day at Bar Le Mont-Ormel, where we ate a great French breakfast. 

After that, we went went to Mont Ormel, where we overlooked the historical WWII site, the Valley of Death which was where the Germans attempted to escape the Falaise pocket. Here are some pics from the site.


Next, we went in the museum, Memorial De Montormel, where we had a tour guide whose mother had been one of the citizens who lived in Normandy while Germans cut through there land to escape. He was extremely passionate and knowledgeable about Hill 262.

We also got to see a dungeon, a type of castle.

 After we saw the castle, we went to the city of Trun, where we saw bullet and mortar hole in the building from WWII. We also saw a memorial there from WWI.

Next, we went to a Celtic Fort at Le Camp de Bierre (Camp Celtique). Here we walked down trails and followed the walls of the fort. This was my favorite part of the day because the wall was beautiful and was very meaningful to me. After we looked around, we ate a picnic for about perfect day.

After this, we went to Falaise, where we saw a beautiful church: L'eglise Saint Gervais. Then we went to a type of small French version of a flea market, followed by a short visit to another one of William the Conqueror's castles. 

After all the amazing stuff we saw on this day, we had a lovely dinner in the town of Vimoutiers. I am so grateful to be on this trip and to be seeing so many historical sites while learning new things first hand. I am so happy to be surrounded by such a great group and I have loved every moment here.

Chelsea M. Smith

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  1. Your photos are terrific, Chelsia! Are you all going inside these castles? If so, Is it just too dark to photograph? Love the fort walls.