Wednesday, May 26, 2010


today was our first full day in paris, and let me tell you:
dragging our luggage around the metro system and down the streets in the pouring rain no longer mattered.

once i stepped into the courtyard at the louvre, it finally sank in that i was in paris.
it was incredible, and i don't think i have the words to describe that feeling. 

i saw a lot of antiquities from the egyptians {awesome}, more paintings than i could count, the mona lisa{!!!}, more marble than i could shake a stick at, and the code of hammurabi.

it is unbelievable to finally see all of the pieces you've read about it, seen pictures of, and heard of, in person.
it's unreal, and i'm not sure it's even fully sunk in yet.
{it probably will once i get home, and can't do anything about it!}

{yes, that's a real mummy}

egyptian prayer tapestry {i think}

{psst, i found big foot!}

i got really excited about finding this in napoleon's apartments, since i love marie!

the code of hammurabi - there aren't really any words.

me next to the me-sized pyramid!

after we left the louvre and ate lunch, we went to sainte-chappele, which houses the most awesome stained glass windows i've seen on this trip {which is saying something!}
there are 15 stained glass windows, that are home to over 1,000 scenes from the bible.
let me just tell you, i was speechless. 
i could have sat and stared all day, i kid you not.

this is one of the columns at the entrance:

after sainte-chappele, we went to notre dame:

the architecture on all these churches is just astounding; i can't imagine what it would be like to have worked on one, or even to have been around during the building of them!

{i can't believe i got a picture with no one in it!}

there was even a mass service that we sat in on before we left.

we plan on going back to go up the tower, see the city, and see the gargoyles the church is famous for.

i absolutely love it here, and i can't wait to see where we'll go tomorrow!


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