Monday, May 24, 2010

castles and french men!

today was our last full day in saumur, the land of the castles!

we'll leave around noon tomorrow for paris!

the past two days have been full of chateaus and pretty buildings in general :)

yesterday we saw the abbaye where richard the lionheart and eleanor of aquitaine were buried, and today we went to chenonceau where catherine of m├ędici lived.

all the buildings are so lovely!
as are most things in this country:
the countryside
the buildings & architecture 
the people
the pastries
the flowers
...i could go on!

i also finally found some french men! bad they were all so...unfeeling.



  1. The French men seem to lack something, like maybe animation! I think you can do better.

  2. Some awesome photojournalism!

  3. Loving all the photos! They're so pretty :D