Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our last day in Paris

Well it has been a great trip! I hate to see it end, but I am also so ready to get back home. The past few days have been crazy! We have had alot of fun though. The first day here in Paris we went to the Louvre, it was amazing. Huge is the real word to explain it. Then we went to Notre Dame. It was so beautiful. Its weird to see all these things that you have heard about your whole life. It still seems unreal that I am actually experiencing it. The next day we went to Versailles and we got there and it was closed due to a workers strike....sorda depressing actually.

We went through the Gardens which were very very well maintained, and then as we were heading out toward the gate they opened back up!! We got very lucky that we got to see it. That night we went to eat at the Hard Rock cafe! It was great!!
It had rained those first two days and it was starting to get old. Yesterday though the weather was beautiful. We took advantage of it and headed to the eiffel tower. We went all the way up and I was so nervous because of the elevators...but I made it and it was so cool. Today we finished up with everything by going to the Arc of Triomphe and finished up shopping. Tomorrow is fly home day! I am so ready to get back to my family!!! Overall though this was an experience that I will be grateful for, for the rest of my life!!!!

Chelsea L. Smith
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