Monday, May 24, 2010

Visiting in Saumur~!!!

Sorry guys that I am just now blogging. This is night number 3 in Saumur. I am just now getting my internet service to work. We have had a fun past few nights here. Our hotel is AMAZING! It is right below a gorgeous castle. It is like a fairy tale. I love it!! The first night here we just hung out around town and a few of us ate at this cute little pizza cafe. The waitress was so sweet, even though she didn't peak any English. She thought us Americans were quite funny....the food though was great! Yesterday we went to a tank museum that had so many different types of tanks from many different places....needless to say I was in heaven! I could have stayed there all day. It was a bummer when I found out I had to pay a hefty price to actually take pictures...SO frustrating! But it was definietly a highlight to the visit in Saumur for me! The we went on to explore and we went to quite a few Castles. They were huge and gorgeous. I loved it~!! Today was a good day as well. We explored some more castles and then just came back to the hotel where we had a nice dinner and relaxed to get ready for our journey to PARIS!!! Ah I can't wait! I am beyond excited about visiting Paris. Its hard to believe we only have 5 days left here in France....but then again I am ready to get back to my family! I miss you all very much! I will post again once we arrive in Paris!               
Chelsea L. Smith                         Smith & Smith

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  1. Hey Chels,
    Looks like you're having lots of fun! :)
    I wish I was with you!! I know you're in heaven touring castles and viewing tanks! lol Tease Cobb some for me ok!
    Love ya girl,