Tuesday, May 18, 2010


There is NO possible way to put into words the sights and experiences we have been fortunate to see (and feel) in the short amount of time we have been exploring.  The American (WWII) Cemetery is beyond words.  I have been to Arlington several times AND I NEVER thought I would experience something so emotional - whoa was I soooooooo wrong!  Granted, there aren't nearly as many of our fallen heros resting in France, but... here is the deal - I have a terribly hard time with the fact that they (our fallen soldiers) are resting so far away from their family and friends.  It almost seems lonely. 

The American Cemetery experience has been my favorite so far.  The fact that we placed almost 250 Tennessee flags on the gravesites of our fellow Volunteers was SO special.  We had so many people (FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD)  ask us what the heck we were doing and we certainly told them with pride in our hearts!   According to the Park Officials - this has never been done before.  So awesome!

I must add one other experience before signing off...  after a crazy day (today), after exploring the amazing Honfleur (a harbor town) we made our way to Etretat - known for the "Elephant Trunk Cliff" but what I was CRAZY about was the beach.  NO SAND - just nice round smooth rocks make up the entire beachfront.  ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVEABLE BEAUTIFUL (but pretty tough on the feetsie!)

I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!  I feel so fortunate to be apart of this experience!


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