Friday, May 21, 2010

Exploring Normandy....A great adventure!

The past few days have been amazing exploring Normandy. We have been so busy! It has been a blast. There have been so many interesting things we have done. On Wednesday we went to see Joan of Arc monument where she was burned alive. There was a beautiful church there. We also went to Giverny where Claude Monet lived and painted. His gardens were one of the prettiest things I have ever seen!! We also had our picture made on the tiger of the greatest tanks in military history! Yesterday, Thursday we went to the Canadian cemetary, which was a neat experience. They actually put quotes and ages on their tomb stones, which makes it a little more personal and emotional. After that we went to Bayeux and saw another castle that William the Conqueror lived in. We saw the Bayeux tapestry. It was pretty neat. Today was awesome!! We went to Mont St. Michelle which is a huge abbey! It was so gorgeous and huge! I bought many souvenirs...maybe too many. I had a lot of fun there. Afterward we went to a German cemetery and then on to Chef Du Pont, which is where Mr. Riddle, the man from class went down in France in a para-glider in World War II. It was pretty neat. We took a picture with the VFW flag. We head to Saumur tomorrow and then off to Paris! The trip is half way over! It has been great so far and I am sure its going to just get even better! 
Chelsea L. Smith 

I love it here!!! Can someone please send my daughter so I can live here forever!?!? I have had such a great time visiting all the amazing sites, exploring the countryside, not to mention meeting my left brain. Chelsea L. is awesome, she's like having the sister I never had. We are so much alike, IT'S SCARY!!!
I know, we are pretty awesome. Anyway, we've been to a lot of great places and we've been so busy, that I just haven't had the chance to tell to get you up to are some pictures:

 Here is a pic of the Canadian military cemetery. I really thought that it was pretty amazing. The sayings on the graves were extremely powerful and sad. It was an experience I will never forget.

Here is a pic of the German Cemetery, it was really sad. Each cross had up to 6 names on it, where all of those people were buried together. 

Mont St. Michel was beautiful and unique. I will never see anything like it again. The beach and the abbey are amazing and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime. 
Last, we went to Chef Du Pont, the field where Mr. Riddle landed. Mr. Riddle is a guest speaker from WWII who came to our class and told us about his landing and experience from the war. My favorite thing about this trip is being able to relate many things I've learned about history to real, tangible places that I have the privilege of seeing. I've made new friends, seen places others only dream about, and learned so much more than I could in a classroom. C'est tout! A'bientot!

Chelsea M. Smith
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