Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chapter Three: Paris

Holy fleur de lis - we are already in Paris!  This trip is flying by!  I've seen so many chateaus, churches, historical war sights, ruins, and all around GORGEOUS scenery I can barely contain it all in my brain... thank goodness for pictures! 

One of the past few days (LOL) we went to Ambroise (Chateau) where Leonardo deVinci is "supposedly" interred.  Whether he is or he is not - the place was fantabulous!!!! The view from the top of the grounds was, in itself, amazing. 

Leo and one of his buddy's (from Ambroise Chateau)
Possibly Leo's final resting place

Casey paying tribute to the Renaissance Man

From Ambroise we moved on to another wee little cottage - Chenonceau, it was being fumagated (LOL-not really) so unfortunately we didn't get the full frontal view, BUT what we did get was simply gorgeous!
So on and so forth - throw in another few homes of the rich and famous and voila we managed to see about .01% of the chateaus of France.  It's completely mind boggling!
Fast forward (and I mean fast) and here we are in Paris.  I won't go into the crazy day we've had just getting here because NONE of that matters anymore.  So what's a few steps and crowded trains... PARIS is so worth it.  I finally feel like I'm back in modern civilization again - not the twilight zone.  :)

La Republique (the Lady of the Republic) stands proud in the center of Paris.

Our first meal in Paris was sooooo FRENCH (NOT) - Maria and Hamby decided to try an authentic French dessert:

La Banana Split

Le Banana Split LITERALLY

Tomorrow's another big day - Eiffel Tower here I come to conquer your 9 million steps, I have been practicing for you all day today!


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