Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back home in Saumur!

Well, as my family (and many of my friends) know, I am always so thrilled to come "home" to Saumur. There are no words to describe how I feel each time I see that beautiful castle up on the hill. It reminds me of all those times when Mom, Natalie, Michelle and me would be on the long train ride from Paris and how happy we would be when we saw that familiar "symbol". We knew we were finally home and about to see our grandparents. Those were incredible times!! I guess I'll never lose that feeling so I was pretty nostalgic yesterday when we pulled into my hometown. I never thought I would be staying in a hotel at the foot of that beautiful castle!! Our little courtyard is looking right up to it and it's just amazing! We took a walk late last night and crossed the bridge only to turn around and have that beautiful walk back as we looked at the castle all lit up and its city right below it!

Nat and Mich, I know the memories comes flooding back when you read this. Wish you were here to share in this! By the way, Nat, why don't you have Kerri and Kacie type a sentence or two? I would love to read that. Mich, you know how much I love to hear from my precious Carolina and JA!!! Tell all of them that I miss them very much! I just sent you postcards a couple of days ago so be watching for those.

Tomorrow, we'll be exploring the castles of the Loire. I know my family will relate to that!

Au revoir for now and I'll be waiting for a response from you guys! Tell Mom I love her and better yet, show her how to follow this blog if she isn't already!! To all others, thanks for following and feel free to post!



  1. Hey Aunt Mia,
    We miss you and hope you are having fun. We hope the French got you your medicine. Take lots of pics for us.
    Love you,

    Hey Aunt Mia,
    We have been looking at your blog as often as we can. Hope to go there someday with you and see it for ourselves. We miss you very much.
    Love you,

  2. Hey girls! Your post made my day!!! Keep checking the posts and pictures!

    I love you and can't wait to bring you here one day!

  3. Hey, We just posted on FB since you seem to check that regularly. Carolina sent you a message so be sure to check. We love all the descriptions of Saumur!! Mom was wondering if you've had any contact with Martine or others. We still wonder about the medicine, too. Did you get it? Mom wants to remind you that when in Paris the Bonnauds had invited the group for tea and cake. It would be nice to show a French home and especially the hospitality that is so typically them. If you decide to do that, you need to give them a call in advance.

  4. Hey Aunt Mia-I love you and hope you are having a great time. I hope you've seen a lot of great things and take pictures of any animals you think I'd like. I hope you see the Eiffel Tower. Love, John Aidan