Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bonjour from France!

Hey everyone! Well, I made it! When I was still in the office at almost 4 in the morning and had not packed, I have to admit that I was getting a little nervous! I was so relieved once I got on the plane although I still didn't sleep that much. We had a great time in Caen and we actually made it to the castle of William the Conqueror the day we arrived. We left Caen this morning and are now safely in Vimoutiers. Of course, we are at our "second home" in Normandy...Les Patis...the beautiful cottage we stay in every year. It is so neat to return to the same place since we are familiar with it. The people are so nice and that just makes the experience that much better. Tonight, we just had the most wonderful dinner at the cottage. Casey worked it out with the owner to have a home-cooked dinner typical of one you would have in Normandy. Thiis husband and wife team were the sweetest people  and I enjoyed talking to them They looked so nervous and of course, they spoke no English. They just lit up when they realized I spoke French! I really enjoyed talking to them and what a wonderful dinner! Everyone seemed to enjoy it so that was even better!

OK, a special bonjour to my precious nieces and nephew... Carolina, JA, Kacie and Kerri! Of course, to my Mom and sisters, I know how much you would love to be here!

Au revoir for now untiil the next blog!



  1. Hey Sis and Aunt Mia,
    We're finally able to see the blog. Couldn't find it for three days but now that we're on, it's been fun reading about all your adventures. It makes me and the girls want to go so badly. Keep speaking Francais to the natives and all will be well. Hope you get your meds from the La Pharmacie eventually. The girls say "Bonjour, ma tante!!". Have fun...we'll be prayin you have a fun and safe trip.
    Love you,
    Nat, Kacie and Kerri

  2. Bonjour! J'espere que tu va bien! (I'm not sure that was all spelled right so I'll stop right there). It's great to see what you've done. Yes, it makes me really wish I was there and makes me think about all the great memories we made in France. The kids loved finding you in the pictures so keep 'em coming. Be safe and tell Martine, the Bonnauds, etc. hello for me. Au revoir! Michelle

  3. Bonjour to my family again! I am so glad to hear that the kids are enjoying the pictures! So far, they have been other people's pics because I haven't even uploaded mine onto the computer. I hope to do that sometime soon. Be looking for a postcard sometime in the near future. Look for a new "blog" as I plan to talk about today. It was pretty interesting!

    Love you guys! Make sure you tell "my precious kids" bonjour for me and that I miss them already! Oh, by the way, I got my meds. Good thing I didn't wait on the pharmacy from the US because I would still be out! The pharmacy here just asked me what I needed and took care of me! Please tell Mom because I know she'll worry!