Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1 and 2 in Normandy!!

  The group at Le Grande Bunker

Well we made it here okay! I am so excited to finally be here. It has been a year of talking and planning and it seems so surreal that I am actually here now!! The flight was good...didn't get a lot of sleep at all. It was a long 2 days without much sleep...but all of it was worth it! Paris was crazy dragging all that luggage around on the RER and the train. The train station to me was sorda culture shock, coming from such a small town to seeing so many different nationalities in one was amazing! I loved it. Once we got to Caen, I relaxed much more. It was such a nice town. We had a wonderful lunch outside a pizza place right next to William the Conquerors Castle....all i can say was beautiful! How many times can you sit and eat next to a Castle. Not very often. Today we went to Pegasus Bridge, a beautiful church, Le Grande Bunker, and traveled through some very cute little country towns. We made it to Vimoutier and the place we are staying is so pretty. Nice little cottages. We had dinner with a French family, who cooked for us and the meal was delicious. I had a very nice conversation with a British lady, she was very nice. I am missing my family really, dad, and Brad..but especially Mark!! I love you all very much!                                   Chelsea L Smith

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