Friday, May 21, 2010

One More Item Checked Off My Bucket List!

On the day Cobb informed me that I was selected to join the Normandy Experience I immediately began during research on places I would like to see.  On the VERY FIRST evening I began searching, Mont St. Michel was NUMBER ONE on my list - this occurred in OCTOBER of last year.  I fell in LOVE immediately!  I remember going to Cobb's office the next day to ask him if it would be possible to add it to our itinerary, he said maybe.  From that day forth I began the Mont St. Michel Campaign.  I was determined to get to that big slap of rock with an amazing Abbaye on top.  Needless to say, after endless begging, a slight bit of bugging, and a vote from the group as a whole-I won a trip to my dream destination. 

Honestly, I knew by the pictures that it looked spectacular, but we all know that pictures can be deceiving.  People, let me tell you - the pictures do not lie!  Mont St. Michel was all that and a bag of kabob flavored chips!  I think I almost had an anxiety attack!  I could not BELIEVE I was finally there and that it was as fabulous as I had conjured up in my head.  I have NEVER seen anything quite like it OR felt so overwhelmed with a sense of awe.  Even the climb to the top - 912,000 steep stone steps (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration of the number of steps, but not by much) was exciting.  Around every turn was another spectacular view.  I took over 300 pictures (and THAT IS NOT an exaggeration) and I still feel like I failed to capture everything I wanted to. 

Finally, Cobb forced me to say goodbye, saying that we had other things to see in France...  WHATEVER!  :)  Alas, I reluctantly blew Mont St. Michel a big kiss and promised him I would be back again. 



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