Friday, May 14, 2010


You'll be happy to know the other 12 of us have safely joined Casey Cobb!

We're in Caen for the night & we will be moving to Vimoutiers in the morning.

After an 8 hour flight, 2 subway rides, one train ride, one tram ride, and some walking, we (finally) made it to our hotel.

We ate lunch, and then explored William the Conqueror's castle:
{our restaurant just happened to be located across the street from it!}

this castle was built in the 1,000's - hard to believe it's still standing today!

we think this may be the remains of a coat of arms.

positive a moat used to be here!

Caen is also home to many churches - we could count at least 9 from the top of the castle.


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  1. I really enjoy seeing all the pictures..Keep'em coming!