Friday, May 21, 2010

Long Day

Whew! Talk about a long day, rode in the car for over 300 miles today, not that it wasn't worth it but it was a long day notwithstanding.  Started of early and went to a Nazi cemetery, then on to Mont St. Michel which you could see from miles away.  It was an imposing structure, and if you go there it is easy to see why it is the 2nd most visited tourism attraction in France.  The streets were very narrow and extremely crowded, you couldn't walk 10 feet without bumping shoulders with someone of a different race or nationality, but even with all that it was an awesome experience. The abbaye was huge and had so many rooms and passage ways that it was unreal. I was able to catch a mass that was being said in the abbaye and the chants being sung throughout that service gave the abbaye a very authentic feel. After leaving there we made several other stops before ending up in Caen for dinner.  Me and Gene went to a nice restaurant and I had roasted-duck with a honey and thyme glaze...yummy!!!! We got back to Vimoutiers around 11:30 and I'm just chillaxin waiting on laundry to finish and messing around on the computer.  Well thats it for me, love ya fam, and R.M.S....i love you so much.  Sorry if you other readers just got a cavity, just deal with it ;-) Peace

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