Sunday, May 23, 2010

A day in the life...

Well it's been a busy couple days for us all.  Yesterday we moved from our farm house in Vimoutiers to our hotel in Saumur which is complete with waterfront and castle views!  Packing my suitcase for the move was much harder than it was the first time because I'm almost positive my clothing has somehow reproduced.  On a side note, the chateaus here in Saumur are incredible!  I wish we had the time to see them all.  Another stop today was to the Musee de Blindees (i.e. the tank museum).  I had no idea how many different types of tanks there were, and I definitely don't know how Casey keeps them all straight!  Anyway, we'll be heading to Amboise tomorrow which is where Leonardo Da Vinci is buried, so it's about time for me to wrap this up and prepare myself for a long day.

-Meagan Hinds

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